Incoming Club President, Jim Stephen’s message is if our Club and Rotary in general is to attract and retain new members, an appeal has to be made to the self-interest of the younger generation, many of whom are looking for contact with their elders who succeeded in their careers and are willing to pass on their knowledge and perhaps offer to be their mentor. Within our Club there is a wealth of experience and knowledge gained in the real world which could be very appealing to Gen X and Y who for all their outward show of knowing everything are not as cocksure as they seem.  The trick is to get young people in the door, show them “what’s in it for me” and encourage/steer them to tap into the body of knowledge and experience within the Club.
Jim would like to see every member bring a potential member every week that falls into this category and appeals to everyone to make a concerted effort to personally welcome them and introduce themselves. First impressions do count!
In PP Stephen Hinton’s absence in Africa the normal changeover dinner was put on hold. Once Stephen returns this will be revisited to recognise Stephen’s excellent two years as Club President. Also Pres Jim and PP Stephen will allocate members to the various committees.