Under the Stars at beautiful Paradise Farm on Wednesday evening 21 March the Rotary Club of South Bunbury came together to recognise two living Stars —Ray Philp and Marry Harris awarded Paul Harris Fellowships


In their presentations Roger Veen and Sandro Agrizzi had a common thread when they spoke of the popularity and quality of character of Ray and Murray in their contributions to Rotary and Community.

 In Murray’s response to Rotarians and Partners and special guests he spoke emotionally of the support of Helen and their family and friends and the role they played in his contribution.

 Ray, as humble as ever, in an interview talked about his wife Val and what Rotary meant to him - and the friendship and fellowship he enjoys so much.



Murray & Helen have three adult children, Mark, Justin and Jemma and six Grandchildren (above)

He is a third generation farmer at Dardanaup who has divesified in to busniess in the 1980’s and

with Helen and Mark & Justin are heavily involved in the business world.

 This very busry family always finds time to support Rotary and their Community.

Murray was in Lions for many years before joining Rotary in 1994 and has been a strong and enthusiastic member.  To mention just a couple of projects; the ongoing support for Childrens Leukemia and more

recently the sale of old batteries which has raised over $25000 for Rotary Projects:  Fresh Water for a small village in Indonesia and local Mens Shed Project.

 The myth that Rotary Founder Paul Harris is an “Uncle Paul” is an unknow quantity but worth believing?!

 he Rotary Club of South Bunbury values the outstanding support and friendship of Murray & Helen and family



Ray and Val have two adult children Melissa and Dean with Melissa presenting them with their 1st Grandson Jake earlier this month.

Ray enjoyed a great career with Telstra for over 40 years before retiring 12 months ago – his final 11 years in Bunbury in Senior Appointment as General Manager, Southern WA. 

Whether you meet Ray socially or through business or on the street he is the same humble person.

As a Rotarian he is looked up to for his wise counsel and ability to sum up a situation for the benefit of all.

Ray served on the Club Board for most of his time in Bunbury the highlight being his year as President in 2006-7 

 The Rotary Club of South Bunbury congratulates Ray & Val on their service and values their friendship!  

 Refer to interview with Ray for his opinions on Rotary.  

An Interview with Ray Philp PHF


This is a significant recognition by your peers.  How are you feeling this morning?

It certainly was a pleasant surprise and the significance is reflected in the illustrious group of existing PHF’s (both internal and external to the club) that I have the honour of joining.  I am feeling very proud to have been recognised by my peers for doing something that I enjoy and have equally benefitted from personally.

Why did you join Rotary?

It was a calculated decision as I had just moved to Bunbury to set up an office for a new business unit for Telstra that required stakeholder and customer management.  Rotary was established from a business networking group and I decided this would be the best way to meet the community and business people.   As the area I was responsible for covered the Peel, South West, Great Southern and the Lower Central Wheatbelt regions I had plenty of opportunity to interact with the local people through the respective Rotary clubs in the region.

What do you think has motivated you to be so involved in Rotary?

If you belong to an organisation I believe you need to be active.  You only get out what you put in  and Rotary offers so much from great friendship and the opportunity to serve.  We have excellent local projects, we are involved in national and global projects, and there is your own personal development from being part of the Rotary organisation.

You have achieved much in your career, tell me how you managed this and did Rotary assist?

Rotary has been an important part in assisting me with my vocation since moving to Bunbury in 2000 and joining the Rotary Club of South Bunbury.  The opportunity to network with many successful business and community people has been very beneficial in understanding what I needed to do to meet the expectations of my customers/stakeholders.  I was also able to influence the support for Rotary projects from the corporation I represented.

Also, you have had a major involvement in industry groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  How does this fit with Rotary?

I have been involved with local chambers since 1993 when I moved to Karratha.  I am currently the President of the South West Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Vice President of the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry.  There is great synergy between these organisations especially with the opportunity to interact with the business community for support with Rotary projects supporting community local and global needs.  Also business benefits through Rotary’s strong vocational focus and special leadership development programs for our youth.

After 107 years Rotary is in the need for reform.  Do you have any ideas on this?

We need to understand the WIFM factor so we can meet the needs of existing members and attracting new members.  We need to be flexible and use multiple communication mediums to keep our members and public informed.

Finally, could you have done this without Val?

Val does not need to be formally a member of an organisation to actively participate.  So when I have been a member of the WA Volunteer Fire Brigades in Carnarvon and Tom Price for 15 years, the Lions Club’s of Tom Price and Karratha for 18 years and now the South Bunbury Rotary Club for 11 years those organisations have had 2 active participants for the one membership through the strong support I receive from Val.