by Jeffrey Kitt Bunbury Mail


FUNDING for the new playground in the Children's ward at the Bunbury Regional Hospital has been raised through efforts by the Rotary Club of South Bunbury. 

A total of $12000 dollars was raised between a group of six who walked the Kokoda Trail and this year's Children's Fair.

Ophthalmologist Neil Sinclair was part of the six who walked the trail in June last year.

The group travelled 97 kilometres and climbed 2200m from sea level - equivalent to two thirds of Mount Everest - through high inclines and dense jungle.

Although difficult and exhausting, Mr Sinclair said the trek was worthwhile due to the current state of the hospital playground.

"I saw the current playground and thought it would be something good to raise money for", Mr Sinclair said.

Area Director of Nursing Marianne Slattery was delighted by the donation and said the funds would be valuable to the hospital.  "You can see what they've got and what they're going to get," Ms Slattery said.

"This will be a significant upgrade to the play area."

The group raised $8000 from walking the trail while Bunbury Children's Fair coordinator John Gray pledged a further $4000 to the playground upgrade from the fair.

The new playground is expected to be completed in six to eight weeks.