At Wednesday night's dinner meeting Kevin Coote presented the annual cheque to South West Institute of Technology (SWIT) representatives John Barnes and Fiona Blackmore.
The John Coote Memorial Trades Award was established from one third of the profits raised from the sale of the South Bunbury Rotary Charity Home at Treendale. The interest earned from the account is used to
fund the award.
The award was established to recognise John’s 30 years of service in the motor trades industry from 1937 to 1967. John Coote's experience in the motor trades included light motor vehicles to heavy duty tractors, trucks and farm machinery.
The award also further recognises John's contribution to the Bunbury community as a Charter Member of the South Bunbury Rotary Club, Paul Harris Fellow and Freemason.
The aim of the award is to distribute funds gained from an interest bearing deposit for the betterment of the mechanical motor trades industry in the South West Region of Western Australia.

Stan Bajdo & Rotarians
Prior to the Dinner meeting Rotarians were invited for a tour of the Heavy Duty Training Facility that currently is an annex to the South West Institute of Technology.  A new facility is in the planning stages for a new $13.4M complex that will be built on the SWIT campus.

Steven Kelly & Fiona Blackmore

One of the beneficeries of the award Steve Kelly, who is now an apprentice at BJ Catalano, also attended the dinner meeting.  School Apprenticeship Link (SAL) coordinator Fiona Blackmore interviewed Steve in front of the meeting and Rotarian's were able to hear first hand the benefits of the SAL program and Steve's appreciation of the support he has received through the John Coote Memorial Motor Trades Award.

The vocational committee would like to thank all the Rotarians who attended the visit to the training centre and look forward to arranging a visit to the new $13.4 million facility when it is completed.