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South Bunbury
Parade Hotel, Bunbury
Austral Parade
Bunbury, WA 6230

Cwtch - [Welsh] (pronouced 'kutch' to rhyme with 'butch') - more than a cuddle or a hug, when you give someone a 'cwtch', you figuratively give them a 'safe place'

After last weeks mega meeting and auction, this week's meeting is a little slower but no less exciting under the leadership of President Peter. Bring your sense of community, humour and good company and join us for dinner. Please register yourself and your guests below so the hotel can cater for you.


Duties this week:

Reception: Rose Morgan & Jill Thompson-White

Ticket Sales: Don Spriggins

Fines: Neil Sinclair

Properties: (put out and pack away): Roger Veen

Remember, if you are unable to complete your duties this week, please find a replacement for yourself. We look forward to seeing you all there!