Vocational Awards Night at Epicure May 9th

Contact: Blaine Little
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South Bunbury
Epicure Restaurant
Tafe Campus
College Grove
Bunbury, WA

Greetings Rotarians;

  This week we'll be meeting at the Epicure Restaurant at the TAFE campus for our annual awards night. Pre-dinner tours of the building trades or engineering departments start at 5:30 pm with the dinner at Epicure starting at 6pm. As usual, this is also a partner's night.

  Registration for this event usually has to be finished a day or two before hand so the students have an idea of how much food to make, so if you could register asap, that would be appreciated. I'll be turning off registration once I hear what the deadline for it is and we'll be going with those numbers.

Duties for this week are;

Registration and Host:  Blaine Little and Tony Critchley 

Introduction: David Byatt (may change depending on MC duties if any)

Thanks: Dean Freeman (same as above)

Ticket Sales: volunteer from early arrivals (if needed)

Fines: Gordon Golby