The Sail into Life season for 2010/11 concluded on May 15, marking 6 years of the program providing a unique sailing experience for people with disabilities in Greater Bunbury and the South West.

Sail into Life has been taking place fortnightly during the sailing season from October to May, and is dependent on the support of Rotarian volunteers to rig the boats, skipper them, and assist participants and their carers.  South Bunbury Rotarians have been outstanding supporters of the program throughout the season, and the final day of sailing was no exception.   


Roger Veen has been essential to the success of Sail into Life.  The heavy lifting extends way beyond carrying the boats.  Managing the floating pontoons from which the boats are launched, takes sheer grunt!  Today, Mike Honeybell had to dive in chilly conditions to recover one of the fittings which sank as the pontoons were removed from the water.  Rotarians and their kids scraped barnacles off the pontoons, then lifted each heavy section into the sailing shed.


Participants and their carers love the program – it gives them some independence, freedom and interaction with nature.  We are looking forward to the program growing next season, as Sail into Life becomes a key program for our Rotary District in 2011/12.


Matt Granger  Rotary Sail Into Life - Bunbury